This is Friday night

This is Friday night at the country club for dinner with my Ivy League husband where we will act surprised to see all the same people we saw last Friday night at the country club for dinner. The pale blue undertones in my $500 J McLaughlin dress will complement the deep blue in his Non-Iron Milano... Continue Reading →

Lady Moth

Why are butterflies more beautiful than moths? With their loud colors, their sturdy wings, their pretentious stories of transformation as if that one time they changed was some grand accomplishment. The butterfly had no control over that change. It was a pregnancy, giving birth to herself. There is no talent or skill in giving birth.... Continue Reading →

He’s a Gardener

“I’m a gardener.” He said, matter of factly, “I garden.” He was on the edge of the couch leaning over the coffee table, his knees pressed up against the edge. He was writing notes about something in his spiral notebook. He always wrote in pencil. His elbow rested on his knee and he didn’t look... Continue Reading →

You Can Not Trust Your Eyes

She knows that she looks sweet. She looks tender. Pretty. There’s an innocence about mher that inspires you to let down your guard. You want to protect her. How kind. You should know, it’s too late for your protection. There is no part of her that has not suffered wounds. There is no real innocence... Continue Reading →

She did it

She did it. She left. After all those weeks and months crying secretly in the middle of the night or pouring out her doubts to friends, or cycling through her options in her mind as if in a panic, when she did it she had no emotion. She was cold. He, in stark contrast, almost... Continue Reading →

Peppermint Kisses

His beard had grown longer and was speckled with grey hairs.  His skin was tan, his arms swollen with muscles from long days working outside.  I got to look in his light blue eyes again.  He looked back at me intently, a smile curling up on his lips. "You've been gone so long I thought I'd never hear... Continue Reading →

He Wasn’t Prepared

He was prepared for everything else, but not for this. He was prepared for hard work, for sacrifice, for long hours. He was prepared to do what’s right, what’s necessary, what no one else would do. He was prepared to go unnoticed, to get the blame, to go without. He was prepared for a fight,... Continue Reading →

Her Love was Chaotic

Her love was chaotic. It was unpredictable and desperate.  She loved in a panic: urgently, pleading. She loved him with the intensity of someone who is always saying goodbye.  And as certainly as she knew he'd leave, she knew his leaving would devastate her. Even with this knowledge she couldn't stop herself from going back... Continue Reading →

We Danced All Night

We danced all night. By morning my feet were sore and pinched, my muscles aching. I could still feel the thumping music in my head. We walked out of the after hours club into the blinding sunlight black tie and gown crumpled with dried and new sweat. The evening had started romantically. A bistro with... Continue Reading →

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