Why Men Love Crazy B!tches

Men claim all day long they don't like to date "psycho bitches" or "crazy women" and that they "don't want drama." It's on almost all their dating profiles; "no drama." This is a big fat lie. This is as big a lie as the women who "want a sensitive, nice guy." Our actions reveal more... Continue Reading →

How To Write An Online Dating Profile

I’ve read a lot of online profiles and most are terrible. Women’s dating profiles read like vacation wish lists. “I like dining out! Theater! Travel! Music! Scuba diving! Adventure! Visa! Discover!” Men’s dating profiles read like testimonials from a self-help book. “I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m ready to love again and give my whole... Continue Reading →

Be Careful Who You Let Yourself Love

Be careful who you let yourself love. The modern dating scene is filled with takers who will play with your heart, waste your time and string you along, get all their needs met while giving nothing but the hope of something more, maybe, someday, just be patient... Hookup culture, modern feminist ideas of the sexually... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask For Permission

Relationships are dying. Passion is dying. Seduction is dying.  Men are turning to porn and robots for sexual fulfillment. Women are turning to romance books and vibrators.  And both are opting out of relationships entirely. It's just become too much trouble to deal with the opposite sex. We've become enemies. We resent instead of appreciate... Continue Reading →

Your Self Respect is Leaking and It’s A Huge Turn-Off

the goal of a relationship is for both parties to win. If either one sacrifices their needs or values for the other and to their own detriment, the relationship will fail. Both must benefit. Being kind and generous is a beneficial trait to a relationship. Sacrificing your needs or values so the other person can be happy while you "tough it out" is the same as letting yourself go. An ice cream here, a burger here and eventually you're fat. Pretending you love knitting here, praising her completely dysfunctional best friends there is a slow drip in a leaky faucet of your self-respect and values. Years of this leaky attitude will eventually create a soggy, moldy, weak relationship flooded with resentment and bitterness.


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