Spring into Femininity Series

Today I am starting on a series on femininity. The intention of this series is to make you more aware of your femininity, how it influences you and how you can manage it to maximize the strengths and minimize the pitfalls of your feminine nature. I will refer to this series both as Spring into Femininity because it is a fresh start to letting our feminine side bloom, and also Daring Femininity because femininity is not celebrated, many women do not feel and do not value the feeling of being feminine and I am DARING YOU, brave sister to connect with the feminine, try it on, test it out and get familiar with it again. I DARE YOU to do these feminine exercises for one month. Then tell me what you think.

I love being a woman, but often I wonder if I’m the only one.  It is rare to see a woman enjoying her femininity as a show of strength, truly authentic and genuine in her nature.  When I was younger, saturated in the feminist narrative that admittedly helped me in many ways, I felt the need to reject my femininity.  Feminine was synonymous with weak. To be girly was to be lesser: less intelligent, less capable, less powerful, less amazing.  I certainly didn’t want that. I wanted to be amazing! I emulated the boys. I wore unflattering clothing that hid  my curves (not an easy task). I refused make-up. I left my hair a mess. But even with these attempts to cover my body and beauty, I was still very feminine in my mind and spirit. As I got older and learned to be true to myself more than true to what I thought I was supposed to be, I naturally became more and more feminine in everything I did.

I understand the desire to create a campaign to erase the notion that women and girls are weaker or less than boys. I think women and girls are wonderful, capable, magical and amazing, but we are different from boys. The campaign to empower women and girls unfortunately taught them to emulate boys, to value masculine traits and abandon their femininity.  What a waste!

In this series I want to celebrate femininity, explore it and help you get in touch with yours so that when you think of your feminine self you have the kind of confidence that Maya Angelou felt when she wrote in her famous poem “Still I Rise:

“Does my sexiness upset you?

Does it come as a surprise

That I dance like I’ve got diamonds

At the meeting of my thighs?”

The essays I will be sharing will each focus on a part of femininity that have shaped me or that I have struggled with.  I am going to write about everything from fashion to overthinking. I will cover topics as sanitized as how to improve your posture to down and dirty posts on how to check your cervical fluids as a barometer of your health.  I will address both topical subjects like using makeup to deep subjects like dealing with domestic violence.

I know I have many male readers who may not be interested in this series. I encourage you to forward these posts to the women in your life who might enjoy them. I encourage you to skim these posts quickly. But I discourage you from avoiding them all together. If you have women in your life you care about, you may be surprised to learn about the ways we have been trained to reject our femininity or how we struggle with our particular kind of crazy.

While there is not a single way to be feminine and varying degrees, there are certainly practical things that we can get more familiar with our femininity. I am going to focus on these and hope that you participate. You may feel silly or it may not resonate with you. That’s fine, you tried it. You lose nothing from trying. But you also gain nothing from only observing.

My first four posts are going to focus on the macro aspects of femininity. I was tempted to start with something wispy theoretical. What is femininity? Perhaps I could write a soft post, delicate as a flower petal as a metaphor for femininity. I could write a poem. HELL NO! That won’t help! That is not practical and I want something practical to help you get in touch with your femininity.

So, I’m going to get right to the business of focusing your attention on the feminine and asking you to do things to make you get in touch with your feminine side.  I am going to ask you to modify your behavior, whether for a 5 minute exercise, for a new daily habit or a new way of thinking.  This series is meant to change you, if you are ready to be changed. I dare you to participate!

So, buckle up buttercup! This is going to be a super fun, life changing ride. This series is my gift to you.

The first four days are a bundle to jump-start this adventure, get you thinking about your femininity and doing some exercises to get you back in touch with your feminine side.

I am so excited about day four I don’t want to give away the topic. Just know it is the easiest thing you can do to make yourself more feminine. If you are like me you will love doing it. It will probably be my shortest post but one that everyone will have something to say about. Let’s get started! Let’s Spring into Femininity!

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4 thoughts on “Spring into Femininity Series

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    1. Will be watching you and The Family Alpha this month with interest, as you unfold the masculine and feminine. Bravo for taking your own dare. Let quality show itself and do likewise.


      “Does my sexiness upset you?
      Does it come as a surprise
      That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
      At the meeting of my thighs?”

      Man, that has GOT to chafe.


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