Why I’m Not a Dating Advice Writer

I’m not a dating advice writer. I write about dating because it is the place where all our social problems intersect with all our personal problems. Where our heart battles our mind. Where our desires compete with our needs. It is where we try to be our best, end up showing our worst and then... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Online Trolls

If you reach any level of success and have an online presence you are going to have to deal with trolls. Congratulations! On one hand, this is great news! This means your message is getting heard. It also means that your message is clear enough that it has inspired opposition. If the greatest challenge for... Continue Reading →

Your Feminine Voice

There are many ways men and women are different. The voice is an obvious example. Men have deep low voices and women have higher, more airy voices. But our voices are actually different in several other, more subtle ways and once you are aware of them, you can learn to use your voice to tap... Continue Reading →

Impossible Beauty

If imitation is flattery, the cartoons must be so proud. We are flawless beauty robots lacking individuality so we can imitate an extreme caricature of the female while we perform our lives instead of living them.

Your Feminine Body

This post is part of a series on Femininity. Please read Spring into Femininity for more information on the series and links to the other articles.  This is quite possibly the most important essay on femininity I will ever write.  If you do the things I ask you to do in this post, it will begin... Continue Reading →


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